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NTFS-3G is an open source implementation of the Windows file system "NTFS" developed by Microsoft Corporation. It can be used by Unix-like operating systems to read and write on NTFS formatted hard drives.

Bash prompt customization

The Unix shell bash allows to customize the prompt in different ways. The file /etc/bash.bashrc changes the bash configuration for every user on the Unix system. The variable PS1 changes the shell prompt with escaped characters.

Pidgin with Lync Server

Pidgin allows to connect to Microsoft Lync Server via the SIPE-Plugin. This needs some special configurations.


Nginx (engine x) is is a HTTP and reverse proxy server.

Git configuration

Git provides configuration parameters that are specific to the repository, the user and the running system. The basic configuration sets information about the author / user, default editor and default exclude / ignored files. Further customization can be achieved via alias / abbreviations.

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