martinhauser.net launched

My personal website martinhauser.com changed quite a bit over time. I've used a static site generator, changed the front end code, learned python and had to rewrite the backend. The plan for my website was to provide useful information on the technology side, while showcase my photographic work.
Since I've focusing on photography as a professional, I had to rethink my website concept. Neither makes it sense to provide technology information on a photography site, ...

martinhauser.com updated to HTML5 Boilerplate 2.0

I mentioned on my first blog post that I have built my webpage on top of HTML5 Boilerplate. Now I was able to update the Webpage to the new version 2.0 of the template. This means smaller file sizes and faster loading. Furthermore I tweaked the site on different parts to optimize the underlying code. The look and feel had not changed.

HTTPS Everywhere - secure your connection

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project released the first stable version of their HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension. The purpose of the extension is to redirect well known websites to their encrypted counterparts. This ensures that the HTTPS version of the current website is used. Furthermore the EFF make a call to the website developer and maintainer to provide HTTPS based websites additionally to the unencrypted versions.

martinhauser.com launched

I have worked on martinhauser.com quite some time. After several design mockups and several rewrites I was able to finalize this site. Actually it is my first attempt to make a web site about me. It is quite difficult to design a clean, but personal webpage that is fast, good looking, easy to administrate and functional. I had to write some automatic scripts and used different projects that I built upon. In this regard I'd like to thank following projects ...

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