I have worked on quite some time. After several design mockups and several rewrites I was able to finalize this site. Actually it is my first attempt to make a web site about me. It is quite difficult to design a clean, but personal webpage that is fast, good looking, easy to administrate and functional. I had to write some automatic scripts and used different projects that I built upon. In this regard I'd like to thank following projects to make incredible stuff:

Because I believe in the open web, I built everything on top of open source software and open standards. Even the web server is running open source software. Furthermore I like to share my knowledge and experiences with web development, server administration, programming languages and many more in the articles and this blog. Hence, the purpose of the articles is to document all my findings.

Another important part of my personal web site is photography. One of my main hobbies is to make photos in different kind of perspectives. Therefore you will find a mixture of thoughts, photography and technology on this blog. I'd like to invite you to use the Tag Cloud or the Categories to filter the different topics depending on your interests.

In the end, the web site is about my inspiration and should act as a your source.

Update 01 Feb 2015:
The site has changed in the meantime. For further information please read the blog post launched.